Meet Mother Sweat

Hi, Blog Friends, let me introduce you to Mother Sweat. She’s full of wisdom, spice, and enough down-home humor to make you slap your knee in glee.  Colette

Hey, there, Sugarplums!

Ooh wee, I must say this is an honor . . . being on this newfangled Internet. In my day, you wrote a note, called a person up, or walked next door to get a message out. Now, all the business you never wanted a body to know is out there for all to see. How did my business become their business? Don’t matter, I’m still gon’ call it like I see it. ’Nuff said, can I be me? Of course, I can!

I was speaking to da Lord Almighty in my prayer time last night. Yes, He talks to me even if He doesn’t talk to you. He wanted to know why His people feel like they not supposed to experience difficulty in their life. He asked me why they always angry at Him if somethin’ in their life get hard. Matthew 5:45 says it rains on the just and the unjust. Look it up yourself . . . It’s there.

I decided to answer Him (and all of you) the way I would if His question was mailed to me from down da block, ’round the way, or up the street. To give all of the Him in me to those of you who seek spiritual revelation and understandin’. But, I digress, I can go on sometime, so please be patient with Mother while she gets through her answer.

First, here is an announcement to every Kingdom citizen who has slipped and bumped his head and turned their backs on the true and living God. (And from this announcement, I want to spoil the plans the enemy has to disrupt our steadfastness and our willingness to stay on the course of hope, which secures holy conversations and fellowships.) Now Mother wants you to read this announcement reeeal slow, so when you tell it to the church secretary, she will quickly type it in the church’s bulletin and e-mail it to all your “sister” churches. “Your, ‘Yes, Lord, take me’ don’t make you devil-proof.”

What it does is identify your location, your allegiance, and your position on the matter of salvation. Your “yes” sounds an alarm bell in hell that another saint of the Most High God has joined the Kingdom and God’s army. Now, the enemy has added you to his hit list and desires to sift you as wheat. Dumplings, when you dare to say yes to His Lordship, you are calling on the enemy to bring out his big dogs. Humph, humph, humph, a big call goes out in hell, announcing that you are now connected to the one having power and authority. If the enemy can’t stop you, you’re going to go into subduing him, multiplying your obedience to God’s will, and being fruitful in the Kingdom. So, he got to have a mission too. He sends out your image to the dark realm. It sho ain’t the light. He plans to steal, kill, and destroy—your vision, purpose, and destiny. His goal? Spiritual and eternal death. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’d be getting really peeved ’bout now. Take a deep breath and put up your dukes.

Here is the ram in the bush: any weapon formed against you shall not prosper. Let’s look at how anything is formed. Here is the flowchart: it is first a thought; then spoken, then acted on, and then it becomes a habit or lifestyle. So, get going, start thinking right! Keep on keepin’ on, yell your “Yes, Lord!” in the face of foolishness and hopelessness. The rain gon’ shift to reign if you just hold on. Going on the offense puts the big dog on the run. Run this in every church bulletin and confess it on every tongue. Jesus is Lord.

Okay, Babies . . . blessings to you, Mother done now. Humph, I don’t have anybody to cut off this here blog. Where Colette at? Child? Cut this thing off, Mother done. Colette? Colette? Shoot!