2023 Blog Posts

 Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks  A misleading title. My age being old is debatable, and I am not a female dog (I’m in a generation and belief system that will not lend me to embracing that misnomer.). Still, retirement has led me to understand the tools in my toolkit would need updating, and I […]

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Confession time, folks. I mess up. I go too fast, get impatient, ask for too much too soon, fail to understand . . . Please stop me at any time. And, sometimes my apologies start piling up like last week’s cleaned, but still not folded, laundry. A valiant effort, but still the job is not

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This is an exciting time in my life. An opportunity to be astounded at where God has brought me. An opportunity to reach out to those who are waiting for their “shift.” And, yes, I am still on the journey, but thank God I have moved. A pastor, once taught on how the properties of

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Turning Corners . . . Again

I wrote this some time ago, and found it again while going through some of my writings. I’m not trying to be lazy or anything by recycling it, but someone has a need to hear it again. I feel that heaviness in my spirit for someone else, so that’s why I need to reach out by putting this on rewind. I am not there any more, but if God hadn’t rescued me, I could have been. I’ve turned the corner. Take a peek back with me so you can come forward too.

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Meet Mother Sweat

Hi, Blog Friends, let me introduce you to Mother Sweat. She’s full of wisdom, spice, and enough down-home humor to make you slap your knee in glee.  Colette Hey, there, Sugarplums! Ooh wee, I must say this is an honor . . . being on this newfangled Internet. In my day, you wrote a note,

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