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the devil made me do it


When I read that line I closed the book and started searching for my book tabs. This book shows how the enemy tries to build his “foundation” early on in our minds/lives.”

Orsayor Simmons
Founder of Book Referees, Company

A Note From Colette

Welcome to my refreshed creative corner!

I’m excited you’re here. More big updates are coming, and I can’t wait to share them with you. Here are a few of my latest happenings:

  • Introducing my upcoming book, “Chasing Different,” a thrilling adventure set to release in winter 2024. It’s filled with characters you’ll adore and twists that’ll keep you hooked. I’ve also dived into developmental editing and hosting literary retreats, creating a space for creatives to grow together. Join us, and let’s elevate our creative voices as one.
  • For audiobook enthusiasts, “Later” is now available at
  • Find my e-books and order autographed print copies via my website or Amazon: Plus, check out my original T-shirts and stay tuned for my novels’ debut here.
  • Don’t miss my events page for a chance to meet at a signing. 
  • Explore the website for more resources and freebies. Also, don’t forget to join the mailing list to be the first to know about news and so much more!

Remember, in 2024: You are more powerful than you know. Your creativity was birthed within the twinkle of your father’s eye and the wide-eyed wonder of your mother’s hope. Leave nothing on the table. Go for it all. I am cheering for you!

For His Love Alone,

—Colette, Your Storyologist—because we soar together. 

Listen to "But God Can Still Be Trusted"

Written by Colette Harrell and performed by Martina Sanborn.


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