Mistakes I‘ve Made A Few

Confession time, folks. I mess up. I go too fast, get impatient, ask for too much too soon, fail to understand . . . Please stop me at any time. And, sometimes my apologies start piling up like last week’s cleaned, but still not folded, laundry. A valiant effort, but still the job is not complete. Apology given, and yes—accepted. At least, you pretended to forgive . . . but, maybe you’re still not over it. I hope you are. My book The Devil Made Me Do It deals with people’s mistakes, and their inability to forgive.

A little transparency here . . . I need to be forgiven. And, I need to forgive, to stop carrying my heavy loads that are bending and weighing my spirit down. So, if you think I’m still angry—I’m not. Oh, the sun did go down on my wrath once or twice, but I’m done carrying dead weight. Universally, I forgive you! And I can’t erase my memory. The hurt has dulled, but the residue lingers (I’m a work in progress), but I choose to love you past my pain.

Here’s where I tell you Jesus forgave me. Well, He did. Allowed this sinner into His redemption plan—at no cost to me. He settled my debt. So, I’m working on forgiving—a “Forgiving as I Go Forward” Plan. Refusing to drag today’s mess into tomorrow’s promises. I hope to give my soul (mind, emotions, and will) a rest, ’cause it was getting a little heavy, baby.

Ephesians 4:32 states that we should be kind to one another and forgive each other as Christ has forgiven us. So, God loves me—in spite of. And, He loves you that way too. And, yes, what they did to you was horrible, a sin and a shame. Yet, you cannot let the time they spent perfecting their sin become the burden you forever carry.

And, while you are at it . . . forgive yourself. Apostle Paul states, “What we hate—we do.” So way before you did it, God acknowledged it through His forgiven son, Paul. Love yourself enough to put it all in a supernatural balloon, then release it to the heavens—They know just what to do with it!

Until next time . . . For Love Alone.